• Road construction
• Garden and Landscaping
• Earthworks
• Civil Engineering
• Railroad crossing work
• Insulation
• Painting
• Interior and exterior plaster
• Drywall
• Building renovation
• We are ready for your winter service

About Us

Our portfolio also rejects the repair next to the advicestreets and civil engineering, Stucco & Plaster and Snow clearind and gritting. The individual analysis of the individual orders is important for us.

Numerous highly qualified experts of active, this one are technical and professional qualifications by the responsible associations, chambers and hand work organisations for our company be confirmed and you prove at present. All our work is executed with respect to the industrial law and prerequisites of the trade corporation particularly with a complete compliance of the norms being valid in Germany and regulations. The regular participation in select trainings is of course also included to make the inclusion of innovative changes in the work process possible and therefore have technology left qualitatively and effectively up-to-date.

Everybody works for the management system of the company Cube Gmbh according to tasks and activity profiles fixed clearly which were carefully worked out. Trainings and instructions make the consideration of innovative methods and ideas possible. It is all about to promote, to support and to steer independent work in the team. Always on the basis of a fair behaviour: Opposite the employees of one's own, the customer and also further parties involved.